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Rock for Choice

Rock 4 Choice Albums

Spirit of 73 (1995)

Sandy Masuo of L.A. Times,
"'s a kick to hear fresh takes on these blasts from the past."

Lorraine Ali of L.A. Times, "...makes a bold move into the reprodctive rights arena. It's not the first such compilation, but it's the most ambitious."

"The music is dynamic enough to stand on its own, which is a rarity in the world of tribute or cover albums. ...approaches a heavy-duty topic without suffocating listeners under an oppressively dry agenda."

"Rock for Choice has been a big part of the alternative-rock world since 1991..." [Los Angeles Times, 8/6/95]

Chris Morris of Billboard,
"Sony 550 Music will mate activist zeal with a sense of nostalgic fun on Aug. 8, when it releases "Spirit of '73: Rock For Choice," a multi-artist compilation that will benefit the music community's abortion-rights and women's health advocacy organization." [Sony's 'Spitit of '73 Rocks for Pro-Choice, Billboard 7/22/95]

Tom Sinclair of Entertainment Weekly,
"Biggest blast: Babes In Toyland's horn-spiked romp on Andrea Time Connection's disco classic, 'More...More... More...' (Pt. 1)."


Christmas Album CoverRock 4 Choice Christmas Album

"O' Come All Ye Faithful"
In the time-honored tradition of Elvis' "Blue Christmas," Ph il Spector's" Christmas Album" and " A Motown Christmas" the gals at Rock for Choice have been working like busy little elves all year long to bring you this glorious gift of holiday tunes.

"Joyous and Triumphant"
This compilation is a congregation of some of this generation's best bands performing raucous, rockin' and heart-felt original and traditional year-end holiday tunes.

"O' Come All Ye to Rock for Choice"
For there are many ways and reasons to celebrate and music just makes it all that much better. So come and spend the closing of yet another year with us and celebrate the most spiritual of gifts, a woman's right to the control and care of her own body. What you are now feasting your eyes and ears upon is a benefit compilatio n CD-- all the net proceeds from the sale of this record will go to Rock for Choice.