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Rock for Choice

What Artists think about Rock for Choice

Eddie VedderEddie Vedder, of Pearl Jam,
"The music is a fine reason to come, and the fact is it's spreading a message... you're getting through." [The Fight for the Right to Choose, Rolling Stone, 3/18/93]

"I'm usually good about my temper, but all these men trying to control women's bodies are really beginning to piss me off. They're talking from a bubble. They're not talking from the street, and they're not in touch with what's real. Well, I'm fucking mean, and I'm ugly, and my name is reality." [Rock and Roll, Rolling Stone, 5/5/94]


Donita Sparks, L7Donita Sparks, of L7,
"It used to bum me out as a kid when I would got to peace or ERA rallies with my mother, and there would be people singing, 'Kum Ba Yah, my sister, Kum Ba Yah,' it was so unmotivating. So we decided that we just had to rock the house. That was a good way to get more people to get involved, and if they didn't want to get involved, at least we had their money." [Banding Together, Rolling Stone, 10/6/94]

Kat Bjelland, of Babes in Toyland,
"It's one cause we're adamant about, because people should have a right over their own bodies."


Kay HanleyExene Cervenka, of X ,
"They come for the music, but they see people like Eddie Vedder and L7, people they really respect and love, speaking out on this issue, it becomes part of the experience, and they accept it with the music." [The Fight for the Right to Choose, Rolling Stone, 3/18/93]

Elizabeth Davis, of 7 Year Bitch,
"I think the shows demonstrate the strength we have in numbers and our refusal to be quiet and passive when it comes to our rights over our bodies." [Banding Together, Rolling Stone, 10/6/94]

Kay Hanley, of Letters to Cleo,
"It's a reality now that our rights are being pulled away, and as a result we'll go back to activism. I did." [Looking Back, Actively, Los Angeles Times, 8/6/95]