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Education Equality

Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Educationhandbook

The 2007 Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity through Education, Second Edition updates our Handbook for Achieving Sex Equity through Education (Susan S. Klein, Editor) that was published in 1985 by Johns Hopkins University Press and sponsored and endorsed by the American Educational Research Association. Like the previous Handbook, this new Handbook was developed collaboratively with the help of seven distinguished editors, and over 200 scholars and reviewers—including many of the original Handbook contributors. It is published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates which recently became part of the Taylor & Francis Group.

This 22 year update contains an exciting Foreword by Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority Foundation and Publisher of Ms. Magazine. It is bigger and more comprehensive than the 1985 Handbook which captured the early years of progress after Title IX was passed in 1972.

The creation of this 2007 Handbook has been a major activity of General Handbook Editor, Dr. Sue Klein, Director of the Feminist Majority Foundation Education Equity Program. The Feminist Majority Foundation will be developing an expanded version of this Handbook website with updates on research, resources, and recommendations for each of the chapters. This will make the Handbook a living, continually updated resource and continue to facilitate the exchange of gender equity information among experts in each of the topic areas.

This 2007 Handbook will be especially valuable to the increased numbers of researchers, educators and educational activists interested in gender equity and a key reference tool for participants in the Title IX Action Network such as the Title IX Gender Equity Coordinators and their equity allies at all educational levels. In addition to schools of education, it will be a valuable reference book for journalists, women's and gender studies faculty and students, and for professional organizations concerned with educational equity.

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